Is SOPA really in the protection of creativity?


Recently, United States is discussing where the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) should be passed or not. Some supporters claimed that SOPA can protect intellectual property rights effectively. I, however, have a very doubt which SOPA is really in the protection of creativity.


Imagine, one day you cannot paint with a can of Campbell Soup; you cannot film with any shopping malls, and even you cannot take photo with your favourite doll. How the world will be?


Seemingly, nothing can be created in the future if SOPA exist.


Yes, nothing.


There is no doubt, it is impossible to avoid copyright infringement since copyright is in everywhere. Your shoes, your clothes, and even your toothbrush, all are kept copyright.


SOPA is simply a harsh punishment, which covers an anomaly huge area. Do you agree that you will be suing because of sharing a trailer? Of course not! When you are recommending a film to friends, what is better than the trailer? Yet, the reality is, you will really be suing because of it. Hilarious!



The area SOPA covers is not the most terrible place, we have to scare is, SOPA adopt presumption of guilt. Once you are caught by police, you have to prove that you are innocent. Indeed, proving something does not happen is much harder than proving it exists. It can be predicted, many people will be sent to jail are not guilty on account to the principle of civil law system. In United Stated, where is a country adopts common law system, SOPA is not acceptable.


In short, SOPA will kill our future. Passing SOPA is unwise.

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